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Practice system

For DDtank players the most desirable thing is nothing better than fortifying equipment to promote attribute and power. While, it only gets more health for upgrade of character without other function, so players do not pay attention to it.
But after official update of 3.4 version this time, the function of character level will be promoted. From now on, character will also have attribute. It is true and following is the picture.
Practice system will promote your power greatly, so try hard to practice DDtankers!

New League Function: League Missions

Since "DDtank" launched league, countless DDtankers take efforts to offer advice for league. In order to return DDtankers, "DDtank"official will intensify league function again, making each DDtakers can benefit from it.
This new function is league mission system. After publishment of league missions, every active participant in league will get a large number of exp and glory, meanwhile it will bring a great quantity wealth for league. Now this function is still in production, but our editor gets the internal materials in advance.
Pull together to make contributions for league. More pay for more work and abundant rewards are waiting for you!

The Blessing of Rand Maine

With many years preparation, mages of DD kingdom have gotten enough magics. They are preparing to launch a super blessing magic all over the world——Blessing of Rand Maine
This super blessing mixed with 7 blessing magics. How powerful is its effect?
Jar Superman: It can make only 3 hammers to open angel jar, which will only takes effect for the first three angel jars every day.
Life-saving Straw: In mission map, when your health is lower than 30% it will recover 30% automatically which can be triggered for 3 times every day.
Holy Might Power: In mission map, attack, defense, agility and luck attributes will upgrade 10% which will take effect for the first 3 mission maps every day.
Recover Wind: In mission map the effect of recovering holy stone will be doubled.
Practice Master:Players can use 5 more practice potions every day.
Free Checkpoint: Players can go to next checkpoint for 1 time freely every day.
Free Turning Card: Players can open the third card freely in turning card of mission map which can be triggered 1 time every day.
Free Turning Card: Players can open the third card freely in turning card of mission map which can be triggered 1 time every day.

Epic Tasks for Epic Weapons!

If someone tell you that every player can get the following three weapons, what is your first response? You must not believe it, but it is true!
“DDtank”official will launch "Epic task" system, then DDtankers will have chance to get top weapons. All players over level 35 can choose the three top weapons if they can work hard enough!
It needs 2 rare item to exchange the three top weapons——"Mysterious Spar","Brilliant Spar"
DDtankers, go to get top weapons!